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Dans le studio avec MadCharlotte

Le New York Cheesecake is perhaps one of MadCharlotte's first ever dessert loves, this was of course all before MadCharlotte discovered the sweet romance of French cakes. So, how to combine MadCharlotte's great dessert loves? Le Paris Cheesecake. Voila!

What makes Le Paris Cheesecake Parisian and not a New Yorker? It's the addition of adding Frances seasonal summer fruits, and what better than its signature sweet red berries, les framboises.

Glorious sexy reds thrown in with those evening blackberries on a white creamy mousse cake makes for a night out on a plate!

Le Parisian Cheesecake like its amis le New Yorker is baked slowly and at a gentle temperature to ensure its ultimate creaminess and lightness.

On a final note, le Parisian has an understated elegance which of course is no surprise. After all, this is Paris.


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