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Les Guinguettes

MadCharlotte is celebrating this summer vacation by launching a new range of French delicacies, les Guinguettes. Say what???!​!! Les Guinguettes are artisanal marshmallows made using an Italian meringue recipe. This collection of Marshmallows, called les Guinguettes, is inspired by its name which represents the French social past-time that has come full circle popular again. During the summer - while the lucky few escape Paris for the beachside - those left in the city and suburbs spend their time in social hubs, pop-up places called Les Guinguettes to enjoy conversation, wine, food, music and dancing. So when these squishy marshmallows were bouncing around in the MadCharlotte studio, the name couldn't of been more fitting than les Guinguettes!Here are the marshmallows flavours using 100% fruit purées, except for marbled milk chocolate: StrawberryLitchiPassionfruit CoconutZesty lime Marbled milk chocolate



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