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C'est le printemps pour les autres

Well, it's official. The summer vacation in France has come to an end. It's back to school or back to the bureau, either way the budgie-smugglers and polkodot bikinis have been returned to the bottom of the underwear draw. Prepare the autumn coat and les bottines because it's starting to get a little frais outside. Unless......

Your summer vacation is still yet to come. As I start to mourn the loss of long days, flip-flops and short-shorts, my fellow mates at the bottom of our earthy sphere are all too excited about long days, flip-flops and short-shorts. Yes my Frenchie friends our fellow tricolour Australians are moving into Spring, not long after that they'll be doing their sun dance as they welcome a very over-heated summer which usually ends the year by surfing waves, and begins the new year by lying face down in that famous golden sand.

As for MadCharlotte, there are other things in store during this French Autumn/Australian Spring period. It's renovation time. The MadCharlotte atelier/studio is getting a face-lift. The Corsican bronzed ouvriers begin work today and there's no room for MadCharlotte amongst the sawdust. All that is pâtisserie is on a September pause which means it's onto other loves for MadCharlotte.

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