• MadCharlotte

Marshmallow floaties. It's winter.

It's time for fluffy wooly jumpers and snuggly UGGS. The cold has arrived. Aah.... autumn en France, is a quick skip-step-and-a-hop to winter.

Despite the cold there are perks to winter, such as, beautiful sunshine, many cuddles under blankets and warm beverages.

MadCharlotte's French chocolat chaud is one of the best perks of winter. A chocolat chaud however is made even better by adding a marshmallow floatie. A what?!

This winter, MadCharlotte is launching MadCharlotte floaties. Floating in your chocolat chaud, these artisanal made-with-a-whole-lot-of-love marshmallows become a cloud of sweet frothiness. It's a whole-lot-of-fun mixed with a ton of delicious! Ouh la la!!! J'en veux!

Pictured above are marshmallow floatie OREOS. The best!

Cuddle up this winter with MadCharlotte. Feel'n the love.


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