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Le Breakfast Cocktail 2017

Am I a little late to wish you.....? Happy New Year!

I'm really excited to share with you so many delicious things in 2017. I'm happy to tell you that we start the New Year together with MadCharlotte cocktails ...... For breakfast! I know... I know... It's so MadCharlotte.

Although, it's not as guilty as it sounds.

MadCharlotte's Breakfast Cocktails start with a cocktail glass. Martini glass if you prefer, but then it becomes a Breakfast Martini... Ouh la la... I'm loving that! (note to self).

Take any fruit of your desire, whether it's dark berries, lychees, apricots, apple, etc... which you make into a confiture (jam). Place a spoonful into the base of your cocktail glass, followed by dollops of yoghurt. Living in Versailles I take advantage of the local markets and from my fromager I choose a fromage blanc, this is a full and very creamy yoghurt sourced from the happiest cows in France, les vaches de Normandie.

Then comes the best part, the granola. It's taken forever to create this granola recipe, but I believe I have finally perfected it. MadCharlotte's granola is a muesli made up of oats, nuts, and dried fruits enrobed in a honey syrup which is toasted at a low temperature to get a toasty caramelised muesli. It really is Ouh la la!

In this recipe I've tossed through fresh blueberries because my confiture is blueberry. Give that sweetness some tang.

Et Voila! Le Breakfast Cocktail.

Now who said you can't start the day with a cocktail first thing in the morning? Certainly not MadCharlotte.

You noticed however there's no mention of alcohol in this recipe. I'm guessing perhaps your boss, fellow co-workers or clients don't appreciate that you start your day with a shot of Malibu in your yoghurt. So this time we're just having fun with the cocktail glass. It's a good negotiation don't you think?

It doesn't end there. MadCharlotte's granola will be available for sale soon. "Light" packaging is still to be determined so the weight of postage will not influence the overall price too much. The granola does have some weight to it.

Always with love,

Your MadCharlotte

References: Cocktail glasses are by Chef&Sommelier, Glitter spoon by SABRE and black ribbon from Eurodif.


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