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MadMini Madness!

Just made it! Last day of the month and I've got just about enough time to squeeze in the lastest update from MadCharlotte's world.

It's been an exploding month. Starting with MadCharlotte's new project, the creation of her very first line of signature chocolates..... Very exciting! To the creation of multiple très mignonne MadMini's.

MadMini's ...... Perhaps I need to explain what they are exactly.

MadMini's are my solution to not having a store front boutique. MadCharlotte creations are made to order and travel directly from the MadCharlotte studio/atelier to the client in a box specially designed for them to ensure their safe travels. They're also a great way for me to express new creations all in one box! And you can eat many at one time!

Madeleines, Financier, Gateau de Voyage and moelleux, all traditional French recipes generally served as bases for mousse and tea cakes. In the case of MadMini's these recipes are baked in paper cups very much like MadMini's brother le cupcake. French methods ensure MadMini bases are soft and feather like, and for the moelleux bases dense and moist. I also like to include some favourite English recipes, banana cake and lemon-poppyseed.

But! It's MadMini's French chantilly that captures our inner gourmandise. A garniture of French whipped cream, known as chantilly, in all its variations piped over a moist cake base. For example: French cream whipped up with melted chocolate results in an onctuous ganache, and sometimes we add a fruit puree for strawberry, raspberry, even coconut. Or, we can add aromas such as bergamot, rose, or violet. Then there is the method of infusing French cream with mint leaves, verveine, vanilla grains or tonka beans! So yes, the MadMini's taste as good as they look!

MadMini is actually taking inspiration from le choux craze (Paris Brest, Religious, and all other over-fluffed puffed-up choux) that's going on in Paris at the moment. Choux however can go soggy if not consumed within the few hours it's made, where as MadMini gets only better.

So since the launch of MadMini's it's been madness, in a good way! And this just gets me all excited to create new flavours and textures. I so love sharing these creations with you!

Just for you, my special readers here's some useful and tasty information:

MadMini's come in a box of 12 (30 euros), and a box of 24 (55 euros). MadCharlotte can deliver to the Paris and Versailles region, and close surrounding areas. I do need at least a weeks notice to plan and prepare.

If you are interested in stirring up more MadMini madness here at MadCharlotte, I invite you to contact me through the MadCharlotte website via the CONTACT page.

I wish you a fantastic last day of March, and I'll catch up with you again in April, the month of chocolate.

With love,

Your MadCharlotte.

Photo: MadMini moelleux chocolat avec une chantilly ganache menthe. Client: corporate French group for aerospace, space, national defence, security and transportation.


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