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I have an idea in my head of the dessert I want to create. Does it ever actually turn out how I imagine? Not really. Along the way there are certain amount of mistakes or dislikes, as simple as "that doesn't look as good as I imagined" and so therefore there is a turn in the road. I improvise right towards the end and this seems to work for MadCharlotte. Funny because my life seems to be a mirror of how I work, a lot of improvisation at the last minute!

This is the latest creation, perhaps to date my favourite. A dessert that you can imagine only eating in a Palace Hotel, or I like to think so, because there are numerous elements to it:

Two layers of chocolate sponge made with almond paste and dutch cacao, no flour. The layers are surrounded by red and black berry mousse. Over the mousse a layer of strawberry ganache chantilly, and over that a layer of strawberry confiture "faite maison" of course. The show piece are the freshest berries from Parisian markets. The dessert is dressed in white chocolate tinted rose, the chocolate is the highest quality, Opalys by Valrhona. Then I brushed over a silver powder, edible of course. The idea is to have what looks like a womans designer bracelet piece. I'd like to think it's a Frey Wille but I certainly have a long way to go to achieve such beauty, however I was certainly inspired by the brand.

Working with chocolate has become my new obsession. I believe in small details, especially a tiny detail that can take ordinary to luxury.


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