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Once upon a time....

Updated: Feb 28

there was a magical wonderland created by dreamers, Charlotte, Alice and Nicolas.

I'm a fan of photographer Nicolas Bets. I first discovered his photography at a Yellow Korner boutique in Paris. It was a particular collection of his that drew my nose right up to his name on the bottom header: "Bigoudi Party", Paris rooftop, two models wearing black and gold lingerie, their hair in rollers (bigoudi in French), seated on a plush dusty pink blanket and having their own little beauty party as so many girls love to do, naturally, we love pampering.

One delicate detail can't be missed, a Champagne flute with three macarons with a satin burgundy ribbon wrapped around the flute's base. This I thought "is so MadCharlotte".

From then on I followed the work of Nicolas Bets via Instagram. At some point he saw me trolling his page, in return he briefly trolled MadCharlotte before asking me if I'd be interested in a collaboration. A full day photoshoot. He gave me a carte blanche to create whatever patisserie I wanted to star in his photos. By this stage I knew his style well. I'd need to create something colourful, contrast of colours, needs to be fun and playful and over-the-top.

Alice au Pays des Merveilles, translates to, Alice in Wonderland, this is one of the Nicolas Bets images selected for the Yellow Korner brand, selling both in their walk-in stores and online store all over the world.

Details: Collaboration of MadCharlotte x Nicolas Bets, May 2018.


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